LEONARD tyres, approved by professionals!


We organized with GGP Automobiles Groupe Renault a day of testing LEONARD tyres, under the supervision of the UTAC.

Et les résultats sont là !

“A lot of assumptions when arriving, an opinion that changes after the tests”

“Very pleasant, very quiet driving, excellent feedback”

“Very pleasantly surprised” “All the comfort, all the thoughtfulness, which really catches the eye! » “It’s a very, very high level of security.

“A feeling of good hold and security” “[the LEONARD tyre] performed really admirably”

  • Curiosity but reluctance, which quickly disappeared during the tests!
  • Praised performance despite inclement weather conditions.
  • In the end, very positive opinions which have since materialized through customer support and the development of sales in the GGP Renault network.

We are proud to have changed your mind about retreading, thanks to the unprecedented quality of LEONARD reconditioned tyres!

A big thank you to GGP Automobiles Renault Group for your trust and to all the participants for their spontaneous interventions in front of the cameras.