What is the Black Star tyre?

BLACK STAR is a retread (=refurbished) tyre specialist with recognized know-how since 1979.

The tyres under the Black Star brand are produced in Saint-Pierre-de-Bœuf (40 minutes south of Lyon), in its historic factory.

A transversal and atypical offer is proposed, covering both passenger car tyres intended for the general public, but in particular tyres intended for the niche market more difficult to find in the traditional networks: namely short sizes because of scarcity, light truck tyres with atypical profiles like crampons, an offer dedicated to craftsmen to allow them to evolve serenely on their construction sites.

But also, an offer dedicated to all-terrain lovers through a very extensive off-road range with recognized performance in sand, snow and mud (mud&snow) !

Our Team

In our industry, trust is earned. We have earned it for 40 years thanks to the consistency of our proven manufacturing processes, our technology and expert care in developing a virtuous product, that makes all the difference.

Since 1979, in the heart of the Loire, a small group of lovers of a job well done has been reinventing the Wheel. And yes, this experienced team at the service of a noble cause... That's Us! We share enthusiasm, loyalty, and love for the BLACK STAR product...

At BLACK STAR, we talk about manufacture in the noble sense of the term. The human and the hand are at the heart of the device!

L'équipe Black Star
Black Star team

Alain, Production Manager

COP 21 / CMP 11 and the concept of “sustainable development” were not yet democratized when Alain’s expert hands were already methodically producing retread tyres.
Alain certainly knows how to produce eco-friendly tyres.

Quality, rolls safely!

Tests and world records are on the program

We do not DISCUSS on issues of safety or quality,
We WORK with rigor and method,
The tyres are TESTED, via the authorities accredited by the French supervisory ministry (the same as for new tyres),

And we MEASURE the following data:

Wet braking test

Dry braking test

Speed world record 300km/h

Height world record

Our BLACK STAR test bench

has a load/speed endurance test, approved by UTAC (Union Technique de l'Automobile, du Motocycle et du Cycle). It allows the regulatory tests required under European regulations 108 and 109 relating to retreaded Passenger, 4×4 and Utility tyres to be carried out.

The imposed endurance tests are strictly identical to those carried out on new tyres.

Philippe, Quality Manager

He looks nice like that, but Môssieur Philippe is not kidding. BLACK STAR quality is him!
A retreaded tyre is subject to the same safety rules and the same performance tests as new tyres. BLACK STAR is the first independent manufacturer approved by UTAC (since 1999) and all its products have European R-108 and R-109 approvals. With equivalent requirements and performance (return rate < 0.18%), BLACK STAR will even double the life of a new tyre.