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Norauto launches a range of 100% made in France recycled tyres

Norauto, labeled "Responsible brand" since 2018, has teamed up with the specialist Black Star to offer "100% Made in France tyres and composed of 80% recycled materials".

These tyres made in France by Black Star, a company created in 1979, are the reflection of real local know-how. 100% from the circular economy, they are made of 80% recycled materials and save 60% of oil needs and 35KG of CO2 each. Technically, these are tyres whose carcass is still healthy and has retained its potential. The tread and sidewalls are completely replaced to give them new life. Reconditioned tyres are subject to the same European regulations as new tyres. Black Star thus guarantees safety, quality and driving comfort to all users of these reconditioned tyres.

Reconditioning a tyre means giving a second life to its carcass, rich in rubber and steel.

« This crisis is an accelerator, a signal that pushes us to accelerate our transformation and strengthen our environmentally friendly commitments, creators of value for our customers, generators of positive impact for the planet. Pioneers of sustainable development in 1992, we are constantly transforming our model and have been developing for 30 years, 21 recycling channels for automotive parts and waste. Today, we are taking a new step by integrating into the heart of our offer tyres made from 80% recycled materials, and 100% made in France by Black Star. Inviting and encouraging the French to drive responsibly and sustainably is part of our mission. »
Nadia El Amrani, Director of the Norauto France Product Offer.