BLACK STAR and LEONARD tyres in the M6 ​​TURBO show


BLACK STAR on tv! Great show on M6 displaying BLACK STAR and its brand of reconditioned tyres LEONARD, (Turbo show , Sunday 12/11/2023).
A program dedicated to tyres, “an essential piece of equipment that is undergoing rapid change”, which also highlights the advantages of the reconditioned tyre: a reliable, ecological and economical alternative to a new manufactured tyre.

The reconditioned tyre is developing...

By Thomas Verbrugghe-Delchambre

In the former Bridgestone factory in Béthune (Pas-de-Calais), tens of thousands of used tyres are labeled, stored, then passed from machine to machine to become the Leonard tyre. The goal: to recover only the structure, in exemplary condition, and reuse it with the installation of a new tread.

« The tread is manufactured thanks to the passage of the material through a machine between a screw and a sheath which heats the rubber and produces this product which will be used to dress the carcass », explains Bruno Lagneaux, industrial director at Black Star. 1,000 units are produced every day and are currently sold throughout the Renault network.

« It is exactly the same as a new tyre, in terms of finish it is identical, » assure Laurent Cabassu, directeur général chez Black Star. « The only difference is that there is a small marking [‘’retread”] which indicates that it is a reconditioned tyre. »

And when driving, there is no difference with conventional tyres. “ The level of performance in terms of dry braking, wet braking, or avoidance, is equivalent to that of a quality tire, and sometimes even to a premium tire. » Allow 60 euros for retreaded rubber, guaranteed for two years.