Seen on TV RTL Belgium: Reconditioning, a second life for used tires


We are very proud of our appearance on the Belgian television news RTL Info (03/20/2024). A big thank you to the journalists for highlighting tire reconditioning to the Belgian public.
Un grand merci aux journalistes pour cette mise en lumière du reconditionnement du pneu auprès du public belge.

« 30,000km on the clock for these tires. Rubber too smooth and cracks visible, it is high time to replace them. Every second in Europe, six tires reach the end of their life, for a total of 200 million in one year. If many are burned or sent for recycling, some can claim circular treatment: reconditioning.»

“The qualities of this [reconditioned] tire compared to a new tire are that in terms of grip and braking distance, it is more or less identical. There is a little reluctance from customers at the beginning, but once we explain the process and the quality controls that go with it, they are sometimes rather enthusiastic,” confides Alexandre Hocquet, Auto5 Drogenbos assistant manager.