Great opportunity to present our recently acted acquisition of the company (February 1st, 2019), and our endeavours, which I hope, will shortly have an impact on our new development cycle.

BLACK STAR is proud of its virtuous positioning: A tyre at the heart of the circular, eco-friendly and local economy!

This privileged moment was an opportunity to highlight the main asset of our company: ITS KNOW- HOW. For 40 years, BLACK STAR teams have rigorously ensured control of the manufacturing process.

Local presence is a major part of our identity. In France, only one company keeps manufacturing retread tyres for the TC4 segment, it is located right here in Saint-Pierre-de-Bœuf, in the Loire region and it’s BLACK STAR!

We discussed with Mr. Dino CINIERI about the responsibility that we collectively bear: entrepreneurs and politicians. It is together that we must succeed, maintain a local industrial footprint, generate wealth and employment.

I did not need to convince my guest …

Thank you Dino, for this sincere and very productive meeting.

 I fully trust you to represent BLACK STAR, with strength and determination, both locally and at the parliament!