In our industry, trust is earned. We have earned it for 40 years thanks to the consistency of our proven manufacturing processes, our technology and expert care to the development of a virtuous product, that makes all the difference.

BLACK STAR is a family owned business, a modest and unique flagship of the French tyre industry since 1979, with strong values and an ambition: To transform a compulsory purchase into a virtuous reflex, with a tyre that holds water!


Since 1979, in the heart of the Loire region, a small troop of top-quality workers has been secretly reinventing the Wheel!
We are this experienced team serving a noble cause. We share enthusiasm, loyalty and love for Black Star products…

When we talk about loyalty, we are serious about it: 450 years of seniority between the 30 of us ? and a lot of know-how, but above all; Ideas… and a strong will to promote our products!

L'équipe Black Star

Philippe, Quality manager

He seems like a nice guy, but Mister Philippe is not all about jokes. He’s the name behind BLACK STAR quality!
Retread and new tyres are subject to the same safety norms and performance tests. BLACK STAR is the first independent manufacturer approved by the U.T.A.C (since 1999) and all of its products comply with European norms R-108 and R-109. With equivalent requirements and performance (return rate <0.18%), BLACK STAR goes as far as doubling the life of a new tyre.

Alain, Production manager

COP 21 / CMP 11 and the concept of “sustainable development” were not yet democratized when Alain’s expert hands were already methodically producing retread tyres.
Alain certainly knows how to produce eco-friendly tyres.


Every day we are becoming more vigilant about the way we consume and aim for a better future for our children.
In France, we change tyres every 20 months on average, which represents approximately 150 tyres in a motorist’s life!
Wouldn’t it be worth challenging your tyres too?!

Driving BLACK STAR it’s knowing what you are getting :




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