Every day we are becoming more vigilant about the way we consume and aim for a better future for our children.
In France, we change tyres every 20 months on average, which represents approximately 150 tyres in a motorist’s life!
Wouldn’t it be worth challenging your tyres too?!

Driving BLACK STAR it’s knowing what you are getting:


Give a second life to your tyre!

Retreading allows the recycling of used tyres whose rims remain in good working conditions. The tread and sides are replaced according  to a specific industrial process and technology to give them a new life without affecting their safety and efficiency. The retreading technique is widely used in demanding sectors such as civil aviation and heavy vehicles. Currently, in the European union, almost one in three truck tyres is a recycled tyre.

The carcass

At BLACK STAR, it all starts with a meticulous selection used tyre carcasses, from the best brands on the market. Next comes a rigorous and manual inspection of the carcass (pressurization, control of the tread, of the sides, calendaring).
A carcass must be in perfect condition to be retreaded. Carcasses which have been repaired or damaged are eliminated. The control is carried out by our specialists on all the tyres received. Only used tyres whose carcass remain in in good conditions will take the path to recycling.


The roughening phase consists in removing parts of the original rubber from the tread and the sides, in order to obtain a surface capable of receiving new materials. Each grater with digital controls (2 heads, 3 axes) has several thousand programs developed for each dimension, brand and carcass profile. Machine precision is to the millimetre.

Rubber mixing and napping

The grated tyres are then cladded (sidewalls and tread) with a very precise and perfectly regular rubber mix, developed by a manufacturer of new tyres. After the napping, the static unbalance of each tyre is checked and corrected if necessary.

Heating/ Vulcanisation

Installed comfortably in its mould, itself well settled in a press, the tyre goes for a 50 min sauna session! Just like in the new tyre industry, and to acquire new physical properties, the tyre will be vulcanised (heated) at 155°C and 13 bar pressure for 50 minutes (the vulcanisation time differs depending on the tyre to be retreaded!)

The final control

Before getting to the end customer, 100% of BLACK STAR finished products must still be submitted to:

  • a final control step (exterior / interior) according to more than 50 criteria (pressurization, control of the tread, sides, calendaring, etc.).
  • verification by stereography scanner (same technology for aircraft tyre retreading) in order to detect if the structure has defects visually undetectable (thin separation of the layers, pockets of air occluded under the tread).

And your tyre is good to hit the road !

Our records

Together, let’s SET the RECORD for the purchase of sustainable tyres!
How? By aiming to reach 5 Million tyres retreaded by BLACK STAR! Are you in?!!
Up to now, BLACK STAR has retreaded a total of 4,084,000 tyres in France


Performance tests and world records are ticked on our bucket list

At BLACK STAR We do NOT COMPROMISE on safety and quality matters, We WORK with rigor and method,

We TEST our tyres, through the notified bodies accredited by the French administration (the same notified bodies as for manufacturers of new tyres),

And we MONITOR the following data:

Braking test on wet ground




Braking test on dry ground




World speed record at 300 km / h




World altitude record





Our test bench

BLACK STAR has a load / speed endurance test bench approved by the U.T.A.C (Union Technique de l’Automobile, du Motocycle et du Cycle). It enables the regulatory tests required under the European regulations 108 and 109 related to retread tyres for Individual vehicles, 4WD and light truck tyres. The endurance tests imposed are strictly identical to those carried out on new tyres.


Philippe, Quality manager

He seems like a nice guy, but Mister Philippe is not all about jokes. He’s the name behind BLACK STAR quality!

Retread and new tyres are subject to the same safety norms and performance tests. BLACK STAR is the first independent manufacturer approved by the U.T.A.C (since 1999) and all of its products comply with European norms R-108 and R-109. With equivalent requirements and performance (return rate <0.18%), BLACK STAR goes as far as doubling the life of a new tyre.


An economic and eco-friendly action

Let’s face it: we can all be tempted to buy low-cost tyres from distant origins and often designed to be single-used… With BLACK STAR, you offer a new life to the carcass of a tyre and you really reduce your environmental footprint.

BLACK STAR, player in the circular economy

Recycling a tyre also means optimizing its productivity by increasing its mileage output. A BLACK STAR retread tyre will cost on average 30% less than a new tire.


Alain, Production manager

COP 21 / CMP 11 and the concept of “sustainable development” were not yet democratized when Alain’s expert hands were already methodically producing retread tyres.

Alain certainly knows how to produce eco-friendly tyres.

Buy local!

Saint Pierre de Boeuf

Let’s face it: The “Made in France” is on the rise but all the manufacturing stages are often not carried out locally? All BLACK STAR tyres are selected, pampered and assembled on our Saint Pierre de Bœuf site.

Saint Pierre de Boeuf? No, it is not a rib eye, but a small village in the Loire region that has the sweet smell of Côte-Rôtie wines and … rubber!


Usine Black Star

For more than 40 years, BLACK STAR team have followed one another and passed on a fine and rigorous expertise. At BLACK STAR, we speak about manufacture in the noble sense. The men and women as well as the know how are at the heart of our project!

At a time when companies are looking to relocate to our friends in the East, BLACK STAR is an irreducible French patriot, the last in its field, that maintains the French excellence on the territory!

And it’s not over yet, we are surely counting on you, to support our development. Because modestly, behind BLACK STAR, it is around thirty families, and tomorrow we hope to create new jobs in the area…